Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The 2 "Bertha's"

In my post dated Friday, July 20, 2012,  (click here to read blog post)  I wrote about Harriet Woodard, my maternal great-grandmother.   I also had questions regarding her daughter, Bertha.  I assumed that Harriet had a daughter named Bertha who had died between 1901- 1910 because this Bertha wasn't listed on the 1910 census. I was confused because my late mother and a cousin had given me information for Harriet which included a daughter named Bertha from her marriage to Simon Peter Smith and a daughter Bertha from her marriage to James El Simmons.  I wondered why Harriet would name 3 daughters "Bertha".  I still don't have the answer to that question, but I'm happy to say that my confusion over all the Bertha's has been cleared up, with help from a cousin.

There were, indeed, at least two Bertha's.  The photograph above includes Annie Bertha Smith (standing on left), Bertha Lollita Simmons (standing on right) and Luella Smith (sitting).  Annie Bertha Smith and Luella Smith were the daughters of Harriet and Simon Smith.  Bertha Lollita Simmons was the daughter of Harriet and James El Simmons.  I remember her as "Aunt Bert".  It's her daughter, Sylvia Elaine (Herrin) Knight that helps me with the family history and helped me to clear up this confusion.  Thanks, Elaine!

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