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Elisha Woodard, c.1794-1860, Greene & Jackson Counties, MS

Elisha Woodard (Woodward) was born abt. 1794 in North Carolina.  In 1820, he was listed on the Greene County, Mississippi census along with a female aged 16-25 and a male less than 10 years old. This was probably his wife, Susan Sanders Woodard, and their son, Jesse.

By 1830, Elisha's household had grown quite considerably with the addition of 4 children, bringing the total number of children in his household to 5.

Elisha was still in Greene County, Mississippi by 1840 where he is listed in the census with a total of 10 people in his household- 8 children under age 20 and 2 adults.

On the 1850 census, Elisha and Susan Woodward are listed in Jackson County, Mississippi along with children John, William, James, Sarah Ann and Ira.  This record shows that Elisha was born in North Carolina and his wife Susan was born in Georgia.  All children listed were born in Mississippi. Since it appears that 2 of these children were born between 1840 and 1850, the other 3 should have been included in the 1840 census.  If the numbers are correct, we can assume that 5 of their children (2 sons and 3 daughters) from the 1840 census were no longer residing with them in 1850 which means Elisha and Susan had at least 10 children accounted for- 6 males and 4 females.

1850 Jackson County, Mississippi, House #249

One of their sons not included in their household in 1850 was Derias Woodard. Derias and his wife, Eliza are listed in house #246 on the same census page. They married c. 1844 and had 3 children of their own by then.  

Children of Elisha Woodard and Susan Sanders Woodard:
1.  Jesse Woodard- born abt. 1821 and died December 1849 or 1850 in Greene County, Mississippi; married Martha Ann Ball abt. 1845 in Greene County.
2.  Martha J. Woodard- born abt. 1828 in Greene County, Mississippi, died 1920 in Mississippi; married Henry James Debose abt. 1847.
3.  Derias Woodard- born abt. 1828 in Greene County, Mississippi, death unknown; married Eliza Debose abt. 1844.
4.  John S. Woodard- born abt. 1831 in Greene County, Mississippi, death unknown; married Aurelia Smith on 3 May 1854 in Harrison County, Mississippi.
5.  William Woodard- born abt. 1837 in Greene County, Mississippi.  No further information.
6.  James Woodard- born abt. 1838 in Greene County, Mississippi.  No further information.
7.  Sarah Ann Woodard- born abt. 1841 in Greene County, Mississippi.  No further information.
8.  Ira Woodard- born abt. 1844 in Mississippi.  No further information.

Names and birth dates of 2 other daughters unknown.

This is all the current information I have on this family.  If you have information to be added or if there is information to be corrected, please email me-  Thanks!

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