Friday, February 10, 2017

Thomas Riley Woodard, c.1849-

I'm perplexed by my Woodard ancestors, all but Grandma Harriet.  I hit a brick wall when I search beyond her.  I've been trying to find more information on her father, Thomas Riley Woodard.  This is what I have so far:

1.  Harriet's death certificate states that her parents were Thomas Woodard and Minervia Wardeen.  
2.  A land record connects Harriet's mother, Minerva to Thomas R. Woodard.  
3. A record of the 1850 census of Jackson County, Mississippi shows Riley Woodward, age 1, in the household of Derias Woodward.
4.  Family sources state that Harriet's father was Thomas Riley Woodard.
5.  A social security number application made by Mary Woodard Smith, Harriet's sister, listed parents as Thomas Woodard and Mary M. Warden.   

1850 Jackson County, Mississippi, Family #246

Since I don't know the birth or death dates for Thomas, I'm unable to request a birth or death certificate.  I'm not certain where he or his wife, Minerva are buried.  One family record states that he is buried in the John R. Lee Cemetery, but an online search doesn't show his name, so he may be in an unmarked grave.  
Using the census record above, it's estimated that his birth year is abt. 1849.  It is estimated that he died between 1890 - 1893.  I've been told that Thomas' parents were Jeriah (or Derias) Woodard (or Woodward) and Eliza Dubose. 

If you have any information about the Woodard family, I would appreciate your assistance.  You may reach me by email at  Thank you.

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