Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 10): Their Secret Revealed

It had to happen sooner or later. Most secrets are not kept hidden for long, with a few exceptions.

Over two weeks later, on a Sunday morning, Mom was getting dressed for church. Frank knocked on the door and was greeted by her mother. He was invited inside to wait while Mom finished getting ready. The living room was full of Mom's family members... her brother Alton and his wife were there, as well as her brother Elton and others. Frank was growing a little anxious and was hoping his wife would hurry so they could leave.

Then the question came. The question that demanded an answer. With a firm tone and raised eyebrow, Granny approached Frank. "I am going to ask you something Frank, and I want an honest answer. I want to know if you and Sue are married." She hesitated a moment then continued, "If the two of you are not married, then you should be".

Frank froze in silence for a moment. He needed to think quickly. Did Sue give their secret away? What should he say? What did her mother mean by saying we SHOULD be married? What did she know? He wanted to be honest, yet he didn't know how to respond. He would just simply tell the truth, regardless of the outcome. "Yes, we are married... and we have been married for two weeks". There, it was out. Their secret was exposed.

Granny: "Well, why have ya'll kept it a secret? Why didn't you two say anything? It would have been nice for the family to be a part of your wedding."
Frank: "First of all, you don't like me. I don't know why, but you never have liked me. Second of all, my grandmother doesn't agree with me marrying Sue. Therefore, Sue and I have no place to stay." He went on to explain to Granny that he had been saving to get their own place.
Granny: "Well, it doesn't matter now what we think. Since you two are now married, you should be together. You are welcome to move in here, and stay until you can get your own place."
Frank: "We should be able to get our own place in a week or two, so it won't be long".
Granny: "It doesn't matter. Stay here as long as you need to."

When Mom entered the living room, she was briefly reprimanded by Granny for keeping the marriage a secret. She was stunned that the secret was out, yet relieved at the same time. She glanced at Frank, wondering what had been said. He would explain it all to her on the way to church.

When they arrived at church, Mom whispered the news to Frank's sister about the marriage. Before church was over, everyone knew. The cat was out of the bag. Before long, everyone in the county would know about the marriage. Gossip spreads fast in a small town, especially in this little town full of people with nothing better to do, LOL.

Mom and Frank lived with Granny for a few weeks then settled into their own apartment. The times were hard, and they knew they would have to struggle for a while, yet they were together.... finally. Granny never did say anything further against Frank. She grew fond of him and over the course of time she learned to love him as if he were one of her own sons.

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