Monday, March 26, 2012

Delhia Stogner, 1909-1988, Walthall County MS

Delhia Stogner and husband, George Ellis Sorrell

Delhia Stogner, also spelled Deliah, Dehlia, was born 11 January 1909 in Mississippi, the daughter of Thomas Edward and Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner. She died 21 March 1988 in Walthall County, Mississippi and was laid to rest in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County.  She married George Ellis Sorrell on 29 October 1925 in Walthall County, son of William Sorrell and Sarah A. Stogner.  They had 5 known children, all daughters- Leatrice, Dixie, Bonnie Jean, Joyce Sue and Veona.  Delhia was my paternal grand aunt, sister of my grandfather Lewis Edward Stogner.

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