Monday, March 26, 2012

Military Monday: Widow Martha Pigott Stogner Seeks Claim to Bounty Land

Martha Pigott Stogner, the widow of Ezell Stogner was attempting to locate military service records of her late husband as indicated in the letters of correspondence below.  If she could prove that her husband had been engaged in military service, then she would be entitled to bounty lands, provided under Act 3, March 1855.  The allotment of bounty land under that act was 160 acres.

Dated Jan 28, 1859
Hon. Geo. C. Whiting
Com. of Pensions,  Sir
I leave the honor to enclose herewith the application of Martha Stogner widow of Ezell Stogner for bounty land under Act 3, Mar 1855.  Will you please examine the rolls of Capt Thomas Geo. Mil. War of 1812 in the Regt. commanded by Col. Newman.  
Signed by J.T. Stevens

As shown in the letter above, Mrs. Stogner received a reply from the auditor's office of the Commissions of Pensions:

Dated April 26, 1859
The name of "Ezell Stogner" is not found on the roll of Captain's xxxx, xxxx (unable to decipher writing) or John Thomas's Company's of Georgia Militia on file in this office.  In order to make a further search, additional information is neccessary.  

Again, J.T. Stevens corresponded with the Commissioner of Pensions office on behalf of Mrs. Stogner as shown in the letter below:

Additional evidence
Martha Stogner widow of Ezell
No 297364
Act 3, Mar 1855
Washington City
June 20, 1859
Hon. Geo. C. Whiting,
Com. of Pensions
Sir, I leave the honor to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 1st reist. (?) respecting the claim of Mrs. Martha Stogner widow of Ezell Stogner No 297,364 for Bounty Land under the Act of Mar 3, 1855 and to request an examination of the rolls of Captain John Cunningham and Captain Joseph Cunninghams' Companies of Geo. Militia War of 1812, in Col. Newman's regiment.
Signed J.T. Stevens

Mrs. Stogner was informed by the Commissioner of Pensions office that a search through their records had been successful:

Aug 5, 1859
Ezell Stogner, a Private, served in Captain John Cunningham's Company Georgia Militia from the 23 Aug 1813 for 6 mos until the 5 March 1814, when company was discharged.

The last correspondence leaves me to question- did Martha Stogner actually receive the bounty lands?  A search through the land records database may provide an answer.  

Thank you, Bill Reagan, for providing copies of these historical documents!

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  1. She received the land and transferred to a man by last name of Pope. The land was in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.