Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sharing Memories: (Week 17) My Siblings and I, Spring 1964


Frank Jr


I believe these photos were taken during Spring, 1964.  It could have been 1965, but my sister Sandy, shown in the last photo, appears to be about a year old and considering that she was born in 1963, that would mean the photos were taken in 1964.  Notice we all have beautiful blue eyes, a trait inherited from our mother's side of the family.  Blue eyes were dominant in her family.  Too bad I didn't inherit a head full of gorgeous hair from either side of the family.  My hair has always been thin and difficult to manage.  As a teen I was envious of all the girls that had long, beautiful hair.  As an adult, I learned to adapt to it and I've worn it at shoulder length or shorter most of my life.  Our youngest sibling, who wasn't yet born when these photos were taken, was the only one of us blessed with a head full of hair, and he keeps it shaved off most of the time! Just another irony of life :)

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