Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 15): Gone Fishing with Granny

Oh gosh, these two photos will always be some of my very favorites. Granny and one of her friends had taken Frank Jr. and I on a fishing trip in one of the bayous in southern Louisiana. I remember the trip well. We had so much fun even though our catch mainly consisted of stingrays and gar fish, yuck! By the end of the trip I was literally terrified of stingrays because of the stories told to me by Granny's friend. In my mind, I could actually get electrocuted just by touching one of them, LOL. It's amazing how children take stories so literally.

Apparently, it seems the only good catch of the day was one fair sized fish and a smaller one. Granny had made us throw back the little ones. Frank Jr. was so proud of his catch... just look at the top photo of how he stood there posing with it, so proud. I was quite disappointed that I didn't catch one for myself... and it shows. When I began crying, poor little Frank Jr. felt so bad about it. Granny just stood there kind of snickering at me while trying to make me feel better. LOL, was I the drama queen or what?

In the background of these photos was the famous Huey P. Long Bridge, which I will enter a post about later.

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