Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 14): To Move or Not To Move

After Mom and Dad settled into married life and their own apartment, Granny decided to move to Louisiana. I'm not sure of the circumstances which brought her to Louisiana but I believe she went with another friend of hers. Because Mom missed her own mother so dearly and Dad was working full time yet still struggling to make ends meet, they were convinced to move to Louisiana. Granny knew a friend that was willing to help Dad obtain a job making a larger salary... and better benefits, which would be helpful while raising all of us children.

At first Dad was hesitant about the move. He liked their somewhat simple life in their small town. He was uneasy about moving to a suburb of New Orleans. There were things to consider such as heavy traffic which meant a longer commute to and from work, crowded housing, and of course higher crime rates (although the crime rates then were much lower than they are now). However, after a bit of persuasion (by Mom, of course), he decided he would at least try life in the city for a while. He could always move back if things didn't work out.

In late 1963, Mom and Dad packed all of their belongings and us kids and moved south... to Westwego, Louisiana.

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