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Lewis Edward Stogner, 1897-1988, Marion County MS

Lewis Edward Stogner

Lewis Edward Stogner, my paternal grandfather, and the son of Thomas Edward Stogner and Susan Cordelia McCain, was born 26 March 1897 in Marion County, Mississippi. He is listed in the household with his parents on the 1910 and 1920 federal census records of Marion County.

On 01 February 1918, Lewis married Julia A. McKenzie, the daughter of William O. and Lulu McKenzie.  Julia was born about 1902.  The  marriage between Lewis and his young bride was brief, yet from their union a son was born- Ansel Stogner, on 01 December 1918.  By 1920, Lewis and Julia were both in the households of their respective parents.  During that era, divorce was not commonplace and generally unacceptable in societal opinions.  Those reasons could explain why Julia is listed as "widowed" on the 1920 census and Lewis was listed as "single".  Julia would later become the wife of Stanley Weaver.

I happened to find the record of Lewis' first marriage by accident while searching court records for the marriage of he and my grandmother, Iva Louetta Peak.  Further exploration through the marriage books that same day also revealed that Iva had been married before as well- to Willie Furr. I later discovered that they had a daughter together, Annie.  Until then, I had no knowledge of their previous marriages or the fact that  they had other children.  Those matters were left to past history and unspoken of in front of me. By the time I was born, the children from their first marriages were adults and I don't recall ever meeting them, or even hearing a discussion about them.  Lewis' first wife Julia is also listed on his WWI draft registration card, which was dated 05 June 1918.

WWI Draft Registration Card for
Lewis Edward Stogner

Lewis married Iva Louetta Peak, the daughter of Simpson Peak and Lizzie Miller on 07 June 1926 in Marion County, Mississippi.  She was born 14 October 1905 in Marion County.  

Marriage record for Lewis Stogner and
Iva Peak, Marion County, MS, Book 17

By 1930, Lewis and his second wife, Iva, was settled into marriage and resided in Beat 3, Marion County, Mississippi.  Iva's daughter, Annie, was then six years old and resided with them.  In addition, Lewis and Iva had a child together- a daughter, Velma.  

1930 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Beat 3

Lewis and Iva remained together until her death on 24 September 1980.  By then, they had been married 54 years.  During the early years of their marriage, they had five children together- sons Hollis, Jewel, Charles and Shelby and daughter Velma.

Lewis married again several months after the death of Iva.  He married Helen Garnett, nee McGeehee.  I don't have the document proving the date of their marriage as of yet.  In the year of 1986 or 1987, Lewis suffered a cardiovascular stroke which left him debilitated.  Until that time, he had enjoyed good health, even as he aged.  After the stroke, he resided in a local nursing home until his death on 20 December 1988 at the Methodist Hospital of Marion County, now known as Marion General Hospital.   The death record shows Lewis died from acute cardiac arrest secondary to a history of arteriosclerotic heart disease.  He was 91 years old at the time of his death.  The informant on his death record incorrectly stated that Lewis' mother's maiden name was Turnage.  Though there are Turnages related to the family, Cordelia's maiden name was proved as McCain.  Lewis was buried next to Iva in Foxworth Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.

Death Certificate- Lewis Stogner

The children of Lewis Edward Stogner and Iva Louetta Peak:
i.   Velma Jean Stogner, married Carley Aaron Smith
ii.   Hollis Stogner, married Juanita Graves
iii.  Jewel Mason Stogner, married Doris Louise Foster
iv.  Charles Laverne Stogner, married (1) Lula Sue Simmons (2) Nelda Duncan (3) Dorothy Brady
v.  Shelby Ray Stogner, married Hilda Jean Foster

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