Saturday, April 14, 2012

Family Socials: A Visit with Pearl Simmons and Family

Pearl with son, Mark and husband David

Left to right:  David True, Vanessa Lea Simmons, Mark True,
Rae Ann Simmons with son, Spouse of Rae Ann (name unknown),
and Pearl standing in front with child of Rae Ann's

Rae Ann Simmons with spouse and children

Rae Ann Simmons and her half-sister,
Vanessa Lea Simmons

These photos were taken in December, either in 2004 or 2005, I don't remember at present.  Mom's cousin Pearl was in town and stopped by to visit her.  I'm glad I was at Mom's house when Pearl came because I hadn't seen her since I was a young girl.  Mom talked often of Pearl and had visited her a couple of times during her trips to Wyoming.  We had a nice visit together that day.  Pearl was traveling with her son Mark and husband David, so I met them as well.  

While we were sitting there outside Mom's apartment, a couple of more visitors dropped in- Rae Ann Simmons and her half-sister, Vanessa Lea Simmons.  I was happily surprised because I had not seen Rae Ann since she was a baby and I had never met Vanessa.  I used to babysit Rae Ann occasionally when she was just a baby and I wondered ever now and then what had happened to her.  Rae Ann's father, Charles Ray Simmons, was my first cousin 1x removed.  Charles Ray and Pearl were siblings.  Charles Ray and his wife Ann (Rae Ann's mother) lived near my family when we resided in Marrero, Louisiana.  They visited us often and I was quite fond of Ann and her baby.  Ann and I, being fairly close in age, spent time shopping and hanging out together.  Charles Ray and Ann later divorced and I have not heard from Ann since.  Charles Ray remarried and from that marriage, Vanessa Lea was born.  Obviously Rae Ann and Vanessa were close friends.  

Pearl's health declined and she passed away in 2006.  Only six months later, her brother Charles Ray Simmons passed away.  I'm glad we had a few moments together, though they were brief.  

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