Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Simmons Family Reunion 2016

Our Simmons Family Reunion was held on June 18th, 2016 at the Woodlawn Family Life Center located on Highway 98 in Columbia, MS.  Arrangements for the reunion were made by Pamela Powell Boleware.  Several of the women assisted with food arrangements and clean-up including Pamela Powell Boleware, Debbie Powell Ward, Helen Simmons, Gertie Simmons Wiginton, Lucretia Powell Vinet and Peggy Sturrock.  It was a wonderful event and precious time spent with family, particularly those we don't see often enough.  

Aunt Gertie Simmons (Wiginton) & Timmy Simmons
Uncle Elton Simmons with old friend, Jimmy McCraw who we haven't seen in numerous years
Susie Simmons (Ponder) & husband, Chris
Mary Ellen Simmons (Pepper) & daughter, Lauren Pepper
Teresa Ann Morgan (Simmons) & Sylvia Elaine Herrin (Knight)
Sandy made the comment that when we see Aunt Peggy, she usually has her mouth wide open ;)  We love her!
Pamela Powell (Boleware) was assisting a couple of young girls with the family guest book
Uncle Elton poking fun at me and acting silly...crazy man!
Aunt Ethel Powell and Shirley Swafford (Powell)
Susie, Chris and Mary Ellen seated while Tony Powell made loud conversation with them.
There's no telling what was coming out of Tony's mouth.  Susie was trying to ignore him.
Susie was thinking, "Somebody just shoot me and get me away from him!"  LOL
Elaine, Aunt Gertie & Debbie share what appears to be interesting conversation- guess I missed out.
Timmy and his mother, Aunt Joyce Thornill (Simmons)
Jimmy & Peggy in deep conversation
I'd love to know what these three were whispering about.  Frank Powell Jr, Frank Powell Sr and Charlie Bourgoyne
Aunt Ethel laughed when I told her I could see the bottom of her coffee cup.  She loves her coffee weak, weak, weak.
Elaine and Cookie (Teresa Morgan Simmons)
Tony found another cousin he could annoy- Darla Gay Broom
Cookie & Timmy (with one of their grandchildren) & Aunt Joyce
Andrew Simmons and his girlfriend Caitlin
Aunt Gertie with son, Matthew Wiginton and his wife, Cindy 
Darla signs the guest book
Lennae (Helveston) with her boyfriend, Chris Amundson
Sisters Pam, Debbie & Lucretia
My sister, Sandy (Powell) wrapped up in conversation with Aunt Peggy
Andrew & Caitlin
Looking at photos on cell phone- Jason Simmons with his mother, Cookie
Beverage table
A few salads and desserts
That looks like some good chicken!  Helena
Helena enjoyed the cold drink better than the chicken!
Jessica Turak (Thornhill) and daughter wait in line at the meat/veggie table
Uncle Elton appeared to be trying to give advice to one of the youngsters- he's good at that.
Forgive me but I don't remember all the children's names- I need clarification on this.
Jason with his daughters
The children spent much of their time in the church gym.  
Our 2016 gang!

My FAVORITE PHOTO from this year's reunion- Uncle Elton, Aunt Gertie & Elaine.

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