Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Gathering of Cousins

On June 14, 2014 what started out as a plan to have a Stogner Family Reunion became a simple gathering of a few cousins for dinner. For various reasons, several family members were unable to attend.  But, that's okay.  The ones who were present had a good time anyway. 

Let's dig in first!
Rita, Charlie and one of the twins (I get them confused!)
Vicky was peeling crawfish for one of the twins- I wished I had asked her to do some for me- I am clumsy with that!
Elvis, Kathy, Mady & Christy
Mack's West was the chosen spot for our little gathering that evening. The seafood buffet is nothing short of awesome!  Most of the group filled up on fried catfish fillets, shrimp, oysters, hush puppies, fries and cole slaw.  My husband, Charlie, made a healthier choice and had steak and green beans- I was proud of him!  

While eating, we listened as Elvis and Shelby Jr recalled some of the sneaky stunts they pulled on certain family members and neighbors when they were rowdy youngsters.  They laughed as they talked about the times they lit a row of firecrackers near the neighbors house then hid to watch the neighbors reaction. Surprisingly, the neighbors remained in their living room with their eyes glued to the television and didn't even acknowledge they had heard anything. However, when they pulled the same stunt on a particular step-Aunt, their Uncle came out with a shotgun and fired into the air.   

Elvis and I admitted to a few stunts we pulled on our Grandpa Stogner.  Like the times we knocked on the front door then ran and hid behind the shrubs to watch his reaction.  When he answered the front door and saw no one, we then ran to the back door and repeated the steps.  Grandpa became annoyed and stormed outside to chastise us.  When he approached us, we ran away, giggling.  That made Grandpa even angrier- he yelled and threatened to give us a good beating then he removed one of his shoes and threw it at us.  We thought that was hilarious! Elvis and I stayed outdoors a few more hours to allow Grandpa time to cool off.  Then we softly tip-toed inside and hoped to avoid facing him.  Oh goodness, how mean was that?!!!  I feel so ashamed about that now. Grandpa should have laid a good whipping on us.  Of course, he would've had to do it while we were asleep because that's the only way he could've caught us.  Why didn't he at least report my rude behavior to Mom and Dad?  

Crystal let one of the boys draw names for the gifts
Elvis received the men's gift
Rita received the ladies gift, but passed it on to Mady

After dinner, Kay placed everyone's names in a bag and allowed the twins to pull names for door prizes. Elvis received the men's gift. Rita received the ladies' gift; however, it was a beautiful bracelet that was too small to fit her wrist, so the bracelet was passed on to little Mady. She loved it. 

Rita loving up on her twin nephews, who are aka the "Double Lovin's" :)
Mady with her Mom, Christy
Anita (Kay) & Shelby Jr
Kay & I are cousins by blood but friends by choice :)
I love my sweet cousin!
Vicky is the youngest of Aunt Velma's children
Kay & Wayne with their grandsons
Rita and I.  It had been a long, long time since she and I sat down to conversation together.
Elvis, Crystal, Kay & Kathy
The whole gang, except me, the photographer
All of Aunt Velma's children- Vicky, Rita, Kathy, Elvis & Kay

Before everyone dispersed, I took a few group photos.  They didn't turn out as well as I hoped so I told Kay it demanded a rerun- we must do it all over again so we can get better group photos! She happily agreed.

Those that came that day were Charlie and I, all of Aunt Velma Stogner Smith's children:  Rita, Elvis, Kay with husband Wayne, Kathy and Vickie; son of Uncle Shelby: Shelby Stogner Jr with his wife Christy and daughter Mady; and Kay's daughter, Crystal with her four sons- Gavin, Peyton, Eli & Noah (twins).

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