Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simmons Family Reunion 2014

"Remember, as far as everyone knows, we're a nice, normal family"

The Simmons Family Reunion was held at Woodlawn Family Life Center in Columbia, Mississippi on June 21st, 2014. Several of our Simmons relatives were present that day. It had been 11 years since our last reunion so there was a lot of "catching up" to do. We truly enjoyed our fellowship with each other. 

The Bourgoyne Family- (yes, that's my bunch!).  Charles, Ryan, Cherie, Susan (me)  & Crissy
My daughter, Cristina with husband, Ryan Curry & their children, Matthew & Nathan
Me with my brother, Frank Jr.
Nathan and I 
Children of Sam & Darla Broom
Sam & Darla with their children
Left: Crissy & Ryan; Right: Tim & Cookie Simmons
Showing off photos: Tammy Simmons (in pink) with Aunt Gertie and  Joey
My brother Tony was greeted by our cousin, Pam
Dena with daughter,  "J.J." and husband, Tony
My sister, Sandy & her daughter, Lennae
It appears these two (Cookie and Aunt Helen Simmons) had quite an interesting conversation going...
Uncle Elton  had to get into the story too.  Actually he was trying to harass me ;)
Aunt Helen sharing chat with Sandy while Aunt Ethel is looking elsewhere 
Cousin Elaine (Herrin Knight)
Darla & Sam's sons in deep conversation with their Uncle Mike
Tammy & Aunt Joyce (Thornhill Simmons)
Four Generations: Aunt Gertie with daughter, Debbie, GD Meichelle & Darla,  GGD Ashley
Aunt Gertie & Uncle James Wiginton
Joshua (Thornhill) with son, Mason
Joshua & his wife, Jessica
I love these good people- Aunt Helen & Uncle Elton
My brother, Tony with daughter J.J.
Tim & his daughter, Jessica
Sisters Pam & Lucretia  (Powell)
Sisters- Meichelle & Darla
Group conversation between Dad, Dwayne, Tony, Debbie & Dena
More conversation with Sam, Dwayne, Cherie, Tony, Dena & Mike
Cell phone business between Sarah Jean (Simmons Wilson) & daughter Ciera
It was getting a little loud in there...
There's Sarah Jean & Ciera again
J.J. looks pretty comfortable in her Mom's lap
These two look like they want to be up to no good- they often are!  Frank Jr and cousin, Jerry (Jones)
Can't you just see the mischievousness spilling from him?
Crissy & her Dad
Cookie & Aunt Joyce
Tony, Frank Jr, Charlie, Me, Dena & Dad
Aunt Ethel & Mike 
The Old Oilfield Gang (so named by Uncle Elton)
They thought their oilfield jokes were pretty funny
Couples- Dwayne & Debbie Ward, Meichelle & Mike Knoblock
Fun times in the gym
Passing the ball
Ashlynn gets a little assistance from her dad, Sam
Let's Eat!
There was enough food available for a small army!
A great variety of main courses, sides and dessert- it was truly delicious!
Aunt Ethel made sure to get plenty (hard to believe this little woman ate all that!)
Debbie made a comeback after someone's sarcastic but funny comment (was probably Tony or Uncle Elton)
Let's keep the line moving!
What a long line it was too!
After the family dinner, there was much work to be done- thank goodness for the great help!
Wonderful memories were made that day.  Let's not wait so long for another family reunion- life escapes us and sometimes we let get so lost in it that we forget to spend time with our loved ones. 

Remember, other things may change us, 
but we start and end with family.

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