Thursday, February 2, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: Granny's Biscuit Bowl

Wooden biscuit bowls, also called dough bowls, were a standard household accessory in the kitchens of our ancestors.  Most often these hand-carved bowls were used for nothing but biscuits.  I inherited this one from my mother.  She said it originally belonged to her grandmother and it was passed down to her mother.  I feel so blessed to have this precious heirloom as part of my family collection!  It is probably close to a century old, if not more.  I'm curious about the type of wood it was carved from- it is a soft, velvety wood, or has it become soft from aging?  I would like to one day take it to an antique expert and get more information on it.  I can just "picture" my great grandma standing in her kitchen with her hands in this bowl, turning and kneading dough for homemade biscuits- there's just no telling how many biscuits took form in this old wooden bowl.


  1. Oh, yes, it's beautiful! It's good that it hasn't cracked. You must take very good care of it. Have you made biscuits or dough in it? Maybe "Antiques Roadshow" will come to your town and you could take it. I know you're not interested in the monetary value because it's an heirloom but because you know the provenance of the bowl, it's monetary value will be much higher. Enjoy!

    1. Nancy, to answer your question- No, I haven't used it at all. I'm unfamiliar with Antiques Roadshow but that's a great suggestion, I will check into it, thanks!