Thursday, February 2, 2012

Those Places Thursday: Jack's Sandwich Shop

Jack's Sandwich Shop is one of the oldest businesses in Columbia, Mississippi.  For decades, Jack's has offered delicious, old-fashioned hamburgers and chili dogs from their location in Courthouse Square.   While I was growing up in the 1960's, Jack's was one of the most popular places to eat in our town.  I remember the times that Grandma Stogner and I walked to town during her shopping trips- they always ended with us sitting on one of the wooden benches at Jack's, eating a hamburger or chili dog and fries.  Sometimes I would get an extra treat- a delicious old-fashioned ice cream cone!  Great memories and great food are part of the history of Jack's Sandwich Shop.


  1. I love those eating places as a child they were the best . My mother use to take me to an old Aand W root ear drivein in Vadilla, Louisiana were we would have root bear in cold glass mugs and then order fried dill pickles . Good memories!

    1. I remember those old A&W Root Beer drive-ins too! They had the huge root beer mugs on top of the building- good times for sure!