Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 8): Dilemmas

More from Dad's memories:

They were finally together again. It had been one long year of missing each other, of pouring out their feelings onto paper. At last they were back in each others arms. During the year apart, they both realized that they wanted to take their relationship further. They knew that one day they would marry. Now that Frank was discharged from the Navy and settled in at home, there were plans to be made, plans for the future....

Frank took a job and decided to live with his grandmother until he could save enough money to move into an apartment of his own. He spent as much time as possible with Mom during his evenings and days off. They spoke of marriage often but had some reservations about planning a wedding right away. They were facing some unresolved issues at the time.

Mom knew her mother was not particularly fond of Frank; she thought that Frank considered himself "too good" for their family. She assumed this because Frank was better educated and more reserved than most members of Mom's family. Her assumptions were based on misconceptions, of course. She feared Mom was "rushing into things too quickly" and wanted Mom to realize that she was still a young woman and had plenty of time for marriage... later.

Frank had hinted to his grandmother about the possibility of asking Mom to marry him. Frank's grandmother did not agree. She thought that it would be a mistake because Mom had already been married and divorced once, and furthermore had a child from that marriage. She told Frank that he should date other women.... single women with no children. She feared that he was "getting in over his head" if he married a woman who already had a child.

Despite the opinions of those they loved dearly, Mom and Frank continued to see each other.

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