Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 39): Big Courage in a Small Package

Frank Dalton Powell Jr
Frank Jr. was about 7 years old in this photo. He was small in stature (my Uncle Elton called him "Peanut" back then) but BIG in courage. He wasn't afraid of anyone. Sometimes his courage got him into some rather precarious situations with bigger boys. Particularly two brothers who lived just two houses down from ours. They were Kevin and Darrel, the neighborhood "bullies". There were many disagreements between them and my younger brother. Time and again the bullies sought reasons to pursue a fight with Frank Jr., and he would not back down. He knew he might get beat up, but he would not back down. Time and again I would have to intervene because these bullies were not going to bring my brother down easily. There have been punches thrown between all of us and I have even suffered a bloody nose by one of the punks, but we still stood up for ourselves. Like most siblings, we may have fought each other like cats and dogs, but when someone else bullied one of us, the others were there to help out. Mom always taught us to defend ourselves and we were brought up that way. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall", she used to say. I probably spent more time defending my siblings than I did defending myself.

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