Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sharing Memories: (Week 25) Brownie Girl Scout

About 1966-67, Brownie GS
The Brownie Girl Scouts was an outlet for me to use some of my creativity and meet others my age. I truly enjoyed attending the meetings and going on fun trips with a bunch of other girls. The Girl Scout leader, Mrs. Betty, lived right up the street from us and she had two daughters close to my age, Theresa and Debbie. After getting to know them well enough, I was allowed to sometimes spend the night with them and we had a ball! We were allowed to stay up a little late as long as we behaved ourselves and kept the noise down. We would get a big plate out and fill it up with snacks from the fridge or the cabinets. Then we would pile up in their bedroom and watch television or listen to the radio. We played card games, board games or did crafty stuff such as creating pompoms from yarn. They had a few cats and a dog and sometimes we would play silly with them, dressing them up in doll clothing.

However, we were NOT always good. Theresa and Debbie had a few little tricks up their sleeves sometimes. For instance, they would make prank phone calls to people. Yep, the famous "Prince Albert in the can" joke was just one of them. They also enjoyed experimenting with their mothers makeup. We would try on eyeshadows, rouges, and false eyelashes. We would find one of her bras and slip it on, then stuff it with toilet paper. Next came the clamp on earrings. When we were finished dressing up, we looked like miniature hookers from Bourbon Street. We then turned on some music and danced around in their bedroom, acting like silly little girls. Oh, but what fun it was!

If we got a little too loud, we would hear their mom call out... "Okay girls, what are you into?"
"Oh nothing, Mom... sorry, we'll turn the music down", one of them would reply as we all snickered.

We went on some great field trips with our Girl Scout troop. Some of them included a trip to the the Shrine Brothers Circus and a camping trip in Slidell. Mom and Dad were very supportive of our troop, helping us out with field trips and such when they could. They came along on the camping trip to Slidell. We stayed there the weekend... swimming, learning how to build a campfire, roasting weiners and marshmallows, splitting into teams and playing games.

Those were the "good ole days"... just pure simple fun. So why did I have to grow up???

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